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The key to Growing, Investing & Protecting your money

What isFinancial Feast?

"Financial Feast" is your comprehensive solution for nurturing your family's financial health. Our mission is to empower families to secure their generational wealth and create prosperity. Join our transformative workshops, available virtually and in person, for interactive and expert-guided learning. Topics include budgeting, saving, investment strategies, and more. We offer an inclusive environment for networking and support, tailored to families at all financial stages.

Join us to ensure your family's financial future and leave a lasting legacy of prosperity.

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Your Family's Financial Journey Begins Here


Hear it from Our Guests:

Their Financial Feast Experience


Your Financial Feast was AMAZING!! I learned so much and so did my mom! Thank you so much


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Unlock the path to your financial well-being. Join our transformative workshops, virtually or in person, and start your journey towards securing your family's financial future and creating lasting prosperity.


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LaShana Middleton

The visionary creator and driving force behind the Financial Feast. She is a passionate advocate for family financial empowerment. With a deep commitment to securing generational wealth and fostering prosperity, LaShana has dedicated her career to helping families navigate the complexities of personal finance. Her transformative workshops, available virtually and in person, are a testament to her expertise and dedication. LaShana's unwavering mission is to empower families to build a secure financial future, leaving a lasting legacy of prosperity. Under her leadership, the Financial Feast' has become a thriving community where families come together to learn, grow, and succeed.

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Irene Borum


Abacus CPA, LLC

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Jonavon Stephens

Financial Advisor

Country Financial

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