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My passion is fueled by faith and incredible hard work


LaShana, also known as Shana, is a real estate professional that has a true passion for her field. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia by way of Dublin, Georgia, Shana is the broker and owner of Paradigm Realty in Georgia and South Carolina.

Shana is a Tuskegee University alumna and an accountant by trade. After an accounting career in the healthcare field and becoming a mother and a wife, Shana needed more flexibility in her time and in her finances so real estate became a new venture. She found a new love and freedom in the real estate industry which led her to be one of the most successful realtors in the state of Georgia. Going on 21 years in the business, Shana specializes in first time homebuyers. “I have a heart to educate first time home-buyers who know little to nothing when it comes to purchasing their first home. It is my duty to be that mentor and agent they need to make the process of buying their first home smoother,” says Shana.

As a broker, she has been privy to all aspects of residential property development from identification, assessment, negotiation to project completion.


As a sales agent, she focuses all of her efforts on homeownership education within our communities. She has designed and implemented seminars, workshops and consultations to assist homeowners improve their credit scores, source mortgage opportunities and recognize the value of home ownership.

A powerhouse professional and speaker, Shana also trains real estate agents on how to effectively conduct home buying seminars and using them as lead generating machines. After conducting a good deal of her own, she wants to create a larger platform to not only educate clients but educate her cohorts as well which ultimately educates more homebuyers.

Shana is also an International real estate agent currently servicing stateside investors in the Dominican Republic. She has been able to create a salesforce of over 100 stateside agents who she mentors and trains on selling international property. Additionally, Shana has sold multi millions of dollars in real estate in the Dominican Republic in less than a year and gets excited every time she’s able to show an

individual what’s possible where they thought impossible!

As the mother of three and wife for over twenty years, Shana is seamlessly using her love for real estate to boost her charitable efforts. She is the Executive Director of Paradigm Homeownership Initiative, a

501 (c) 3 organization where the mission is to create generations of homeowners by equipping with themain things that prevent and financial assistance. Every year she also sponsors families with school supplies, uniforms and Christmas. The thoughtful entrepreneur and

innovative professional devotes her life to producing happiness; in business and at home; literally.

This is me!



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Investing in property in the Dominican Republic can be an attractive opportunity for several reasons. First, the country's booming tourism industry, with its beautiful beaches, vibrant culture, and favorable climate, consistently attracts a steady stream of visitors, ensuring a potential rental income. Additionally, the Dominican Republic offers enticing tax incentives to foreign investors, making it an economically appealing choice. The relatively lower property prices compared to many other Caribbean destinations also make it accessible for a broader range of investors. Lastly, the country's stable political environment and a growing economy provide a solid foundation for long-term property appreciation, making it a promising destination for those looking to expand their real estate portfolio.

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