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Hi, I'm LaShana Middleton

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Also known as Shana, the dynamic and passionate real estate professional who is revolutionizing the industry. Having spent more than three decades in Atlanta, Georgia, she originally hails from Dublin, Georgia.  Shana proudly serves as the broker and owner of Paradigm Realty, making dreams come true in both Georgia and South Carolina.

With her extensive experience as a broker, Shana has an insider's knowledge of every facet of residential property development. From the initial identification and assessment to skilled negotiation and successful project completion, she handles it all with finesse. But Shana's true passion lies in empowering our communities through homeownership education.


Here's How We Can
Help You!

As you know, our team works in the United States & Dominican Republic,

We can help you buy or sell your home or help you build your investment portfolio.

If you're a current or future Real Estate Agent, we have opportunities for you as well.

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Investor Tour to buy my investment property.

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150 M+

In Property


Problems That
I Can't Solve


Investing in the
Dominican Republic

If you have ever envisioned owning a home in close proximity to the pristine waters of the Caribbean, I invite you to engage in a conversation with me.

In July 2021, during a period intended for rest, I found myself immersed in productive work in the Dominican Republic. This led me to establish an affiliation with Keller Williams Punta Cana, where I had the opportunity to connect with a local broker. To my surprise, I discovered that purchasing an investment property in Punta Cana proved to be more cost-effective compared to properties available in my home country.

Family Dinner

Financial Feast

My mission is to
help others build generational wealth

"Financial Feast" is a comprehensive solution designed to help families grow, invest, and protect their money.

We provide a supportive and inclusive environment for families to connect and build a network of support.

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