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“My desire is to see everyone build generational wealth starting

with owning their own home.”





 LaShana, also known as Shana, is a real estate professional that has a true passion for her field. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia by way of Dublin, Georgia, Shana is the CEO of Paradigm Realty and an Associate Broker for Maximum One Realty. Since moving to Atlanta, the self motivated entrepreneur has focused her marketing efforts on first time home buyers.  

Shana is a Tuskegee alumna where she majored in accounting. She holds the designation of Real Estate Agent, Associate Broker, Entrepreneur, and Public Speaker. As a savvy, go getting real estate professional, Shana is a member of several organizations including the National Board of Realtors, National Association of Real Estate Brokers and Dekalb Board of Realtors.  


In her earlier career, Shana was an accountant by trade. After doing accounting for a while and becoming a mother and a wife, Shana needed more flexibility in her time and in her finances so real estate became a new venture. She found a new love and freedom in the real estate industry which led her to be one of the most successful realtors in the state of Georgia. Going on 18 years in the business, Shana specializes in first time home buyers. “I have a heart to educate first time home buyers who know little to nothing when it comes to purchasing their first home. It is my duty to be that mentor and agent they need to make the process of buying their first home smoother,” says Shana.  

A powerhouse professional and speaker, Shana also trains agents on home buying seminars. After conducting a good deal of her own, she wants to create a larger platform to not only educate clients but educate her cohorts as well. As the mother of three and wife for over twenty years, Shana is seamlessly using her love for real estate to boost her charitable efforts. Every year she sponsors around twenty families with school supplies, uniforms, and Christmas. The thoughtful entrepreneur and innovative professional devotes her life to producing happiness; in business and at home; literally.



At Paradigm Realty, we provide services to help our clients move from tenants to homeowners. To make this happen, we have a team of professionals specializing in different areas of the process who all have a singular purpose, which is to educate and provide clients with the motivation needed to make the big leap, and also to help dispel the fears, misconceptions and misinformation that prevent individuals from achieving homeownership.


In ten years, we would have created 2500 homeowners and become the go-to agency for individuals aiming to become homeowners no matter the odds against them. We will achieve this by creating a paradigm shift in the minds of our clients regarding homeownership, and by educating and guiding them through the whole process.  We will be their beacon of hope and motivate them that regardless of their credit situation and challenges, we can make it happen together!

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