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"It's not that it can't happen;

we just have to figure out how to make it happen."

Paradigm Realty presents the

Employer Assisted Housing Class

Learn how to build homebuying opportunities with your local employers!! Get visibility, Gain clients, help your community!



"It's not that it can't happen;

we just have to figure out how to make it happen."

In a Meeting

"TRUST THE PROCESS" |  John 13:7

Mastering Successful Home Buyer Events

​The workshop for learning how to grow your buyer pipeline through SUCCESSFUL homebuying seminars!


You will learn how to set up, market, and conduct seminars to grow your database and build

a sustainable business!


This 4 Week Bootcamp is filled with the resources to position you to:


  • Attract your ideal clients

  • Activate the know, like, and trust factor to convert prospects into profits

  • Build a database of real estate clients with built-in referrals

  • Build your real estate brand faster

  • Get time back by having to do less one-on-one buyer consultations


You will also walk away with the knowledge and tools to help your clients:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the home buying process

  • Obtain tools to make smarter decisions to help them achieve their financial and homebuying goals

  • Develop confidence in you as their future agent

This seminar is the ultimate way to jumpstart your database!  


Are You Ready to 
elevate your business in 2022?

Lashana Middleton Home Buyer Seminar



Real Estate


Intensive Bootcamp

In this 5 Hour Bootcamp, you'll be immersed in Interactive Business Learning!
You Get:
4 x 60 Min Virtual Coaching Calls
Email Marketing Campaign, Scripts,
Templates for Social Media Marketing,
Agenda HomeBuyer Bible, Client Info Sheet
$750 Value 
Total Bootcamp Value $1250


You Get This For

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Module 1

Benefits of a Seminar
- Better client education means smoother deals
- Maximizes your time because you can say the same thing to a group
- Built in referral system & bigger pipeline

- Set Home Buyer Seminar Date

- Focus Point - Your Brand &  Target Client

Module 2

- Determine who's On Your Team

- Create a Communication Strategy for Your Pipeline

- Drip Campaign/Email & Social Media Templates Provided

- Focus Point - Marketing - Event Planning & Email Campaign

Module 3

- Build your Seminar Agenda

- Write Out the Home Buying Process In Your State

- Client Info Sheet & Home Buyer's Bible Templates Provided

- Focus Point - Seminar Messaging, Script, & Role Play

Module 4

 - Role Play Your Home Buyer Seminar in Virtual Classroom

- Finalize Your Home Buyer Template and Share

- Focus Point - Preparing Your for Your Home Buyer's Seminar scheduled this week.

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