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Meet LaShana, also known as Shana, the dynamic and passionate real estate professional who is revolutionizing the industry. Having spent more than three decades in Atlanta, Georgia, she originally hails from Dublin, Georgia.  Shana proudly serves as the broker and owner of Paradigm Realty, making dreams come true in both Georgia and South Carolina.

With her extensive experience as a broker, Shana has an insider's knowledge of every facet of residential property development. From the initial identification and assessment to skilled negotiation and successful project completion, she handles it all with finesse. But Shana's true passion lies in empowering our communities through homeownership education.

As a dedicated sales agent, Shana puts all her energy into educating individuals about the power of owning a home. She goes above and beyond, designing and implementing engaging seminars, interactive workshops, and personalized consultations to help homeowners improve their credit scores, discover mortgage opportunities, and truly grasp the value of homeownership.

But that's not all—Shana is a force to be reckoned with in the real estate world. A captivating professional and captivating speaker, she also shares her expertise by training and teaching fellow real estate agents. Her specialty? Unlocking the potential of home buying seminars and turning them into powerful lead generating machines. This sought-after training is even approved by the GA Real Estate Commission as a Continuing Education class.

Driven by her own successful endeavors, Shana's ambitions know no bounds. She yearns to create a larger platform that not only educates her clients but also empowers her colleagues, resulting in a ripple effect that reaches even more aspiring homebuyers.

As the founder of Paradigm Global, Shana has taken her real estate prowess international. She now proudly serves stateside investors in the beautiful Dominican Republic. Through her exceptional work, she has built a formidable salesforce of over 100 agents, whom she mentors and trains to excel in selling international properties. In less than a year, Shana has sold multi-millions of dollars in real estate, and nothing brings her more joy than showcasing what's POSSIBLE to individuals who once believed it was impossible!

But Shana's incredible journey doesn't end there. As a devoted mother of three, proud grandmother of 2, and a loving wife for over twenty-five years, she seamlessly combines her love for real estate with her charitable efforts. Shana's heartwarming commitment extends to her role as the Executive Director of Paradigm Homeownership Initiative, a 501(c)(3) organization. The mission? Creating generations of homeowners by equipping them with the essential tools that make homeownership a reality—education and financial assistance. Every year, Shana generously sponsors families with school supplies, uniforms, and ensures they have a memorable Christmas.

This thoughtful entrepreneur and innovative professional has made it her life's mission to spread happiness in all aspects of her life, both in business and at home. LaShana, or Shana as we fondly call her, is transforming the world of real estate one homeowner at a time, leaving a lasting impact on the lives she touches. Get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey with Shana, where possibilities become reality and dreams find their forever homes!



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LaShana Middleton


At Paradigm Realty, we provide services to help our clients move from tenants to homeowners. To make this happen, we have a team of professionals specializing in different areas of the process who all have a singular purpose, which is to educate and provide clients with the motivation needed to make the big leap, and also to help dispel the fears, misconceptions and misinformation that prevent individuals from achieving homeownership.


In ten years, we would have created 2500 homeowners and become the go-to agency for individuals aiming to become homeowners no matter the odds against them. We will achieve this by creating a paradigm shift in the minds of our clients regarding homeownership, and by educating and guiding them through the whole process.  We will be their beacon of hope and motivate them that regardless of their credit situation and challenges, we can make it happen together!


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LaShana Middleton



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Glenicia Neal



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